Managing Large Numbers of Small Scale Growers

Finlays Horticulture Kenya limited is one of the largest and most reputable vegetable exporters in East Africa and is owned by Finlays Fresh produce UK, one of the largest horticulture importers in the UK. Finlays formerly known as Homegrown before change of name, was voted East Africa’s most respected Agri-business three times in recent years.

In rural areas of Kenya there are over 1,000 smallholders who have undertaken to grow vegetables for Finlays Horticulture K Limited. The small-scale growers are grouped into two - medium size individual farmers considered as farm(s) and smallholders of between 10 and 20 small farms that join together to make up a group, which is equal to a farm.

These farm(s) and groups are closely managed by a Technical Assistant from Finlays Horticulture K Limited who gives them all the technical support and training needed to grow vegetables to the high standards demanded by customers. To manage the colossal task of auditing all of their outgrowers against an increasing number of market led standards on a regular basis, Finlays Horticulture K Limited implemented Greenlight Assessments from Muddy Boots.

Due to its on and off-line capability, Greenlight Assessments has enabled Finlays Horticulture K Limited’s technical auditors, to work remotely, receive audit PAFs and assessment data, whilst maintaining the high degree of integrity needed in the process.

Francis Murumbi Lead Auditor and Technical Manager, Finlays Horticulture K Limited is responsible for overseeing all audit functions. He is supported by a team of internal auditors (Richard Sisuma and inspectors David Muiruri, Mwangangi Nzuli, Austin Okoth) with the necessary skills to ensure that Finlays fulfills its promise on due diligence in the supply chain.

The result has been significant in terms of time saved in report writing and greater access to data makes managing the process much more efficient. The company is also able to demonstrate that business systems are in place to maintain the high quality standards expected by its customers. This builds confidence and long-term relationships which all parties can benefit from.

Greenlight Assessments is helping outgrowers to meet export market standards by ensuring that all farms supplying produce are audited and certified and Finlays Horticulture K Limited meets GLOBALG.A.P., Tesco’s Nurture’s and Marks & Spencer’s Field to Fork standards.

"Greenlight Assessments helps us capture our audit data more efficiently and has cut out all the duplication that took place with our previous paper checklist system. The automatically generated and uploaded reports and results are now easily accessible. Without Greenlight Assessments from Muddy Boots we would have struggled to manage compliance on behalf of all of our outgrowers."

Francis Murumbi

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