Sainsbury’s invests in “best-in-class” compliance tool from Muddy Boots

 Sainsbury’s invests in “best-in-class” compliance tool from Muddy Boots

Sainsbury’s has invested in three new “best-in-class” compliance tools, including Greenlight Assessments from Muddy Boots. This makes it easier for their suppliers to work with them. Not only will these tools help reduce approval timeframes, but they will also shorten the time it takes to get new products to market.

Managing the development and production of 15,000 products a year is a huge task that’s been made easier by these new tools, which form a centralised, paperless system. Our audits and visits tool, Greenlight Assessments will work alongside two other tools to help keep Sainsbury’s up-to-date and responsive to industry changes. 

The tools will support their technical teams and suppliers to work in the most effective and efficient way possible.

A Sainsbury's spokesperson comments;

“Greenlight Assessments from Muddy Boots allows us to easily manage any type of audit and assessment. Any actions or improvements identified for suppliers can now be recorded in the online tool against key headings, so we can keep up to date with completed tasks, report on them and build more tailored improvement plans with suppliers.

“Notes can also be made on tablets during visits, which speeds up the process for everyone. It gives us much richer information and data about our supply chains through a whole range of reporting functions, and also gives suppliers greater visibility of their development over time.”

"Our investment in this best-in-class assessment tool is going to simplify the visits process for everyone involved."

Sainsbury's spokesperson

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