Meet the Muddy Boots Security Team

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You may have encountered the Muddy Boots Security Team regarding GDPR and what we’re doing to ensure your rights, but you may not be aware that GDPR is just one of our responsibilities. The Security Team also works closely with each of our Product Development Teams, advising on security best practices, using specialist software and techniques to test the security of our products and helping to ensure any issues we do discover are fixed quickly and effectively.

Few days go by without a cybersecurity event featuring in the news, some of these are general attacks whilst others are focused on specific industries. We keep an eye on these events and emerging threats to see if there’s anything happening in the retail, supply chain and agriculture sectors that may affect us or our customers.

We’re also the first point of contact for you, regarding anything security related, whether it’s a general security question about our products, a GDPR compliance query or you’d like to tell us about a potential vulnerability you’ve found in one of our products, we’re here to help you. Get in touch with us by emailing

You’ll be hearing more from us soon as we’ll be posting regularly, including more about what we do, keeping your business secure and other security related information we think may be relevant to you.

Published: 23rd May 2018

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