Muddy Boots helps enable quality education in Africa through IT donation

IT school class in Africa

We are all guilty of taking the technology we have around us for granted, be it our phones, laptops or other handheld devices. But what we can often forget is that having access to such technology can be the key to unleashing a world of opportunity, including providing a quality education.

We have made a donation to IT Schools Africa in the form of IT equipment we no longer use and a cash donation of £2610. Equipment included:

  •  20x PCs
  •  8x Monitors
  •  30x Laptops
  •  8x Servers
  •  6x Firewalls
  •  Many other parts and various accessories.

Muddy Boots helps IT Schools Africa with IT donation

Jake and Andy, part of Muddy Boots' Infrastructure team, present donations to IT Schools Africa's UK Operations Manager, Simon Richardson at Muddy Boots' Head Office in Ross-on-Wye

Speaking on behalf of Muddy Boots, Andy Nash – Infrastructure Manager – commented “donating to IT Schools Africa made perfect sense for us as a software company, there’s a huge correlation between both organisations. We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to help contribute towards transforming student’s education in Africa with technology that we can often take for granted.”

IT Schools Africa has now collected over 90,000 computers and laptops in the UK for refurbishment and reuse for educational projects and social projects in Africa and the UK. They offer a free, secure IT disposal service to businesses and schools. Over the past 14 years they have been able to give access to e-Learning to over 5 million students in Africa.

A big thank you to all of our staff who made the cash donation possible. We hope the donations provided will help IT Schools Africa achieve their vision to transform IT education in Africa.

Published: 22nd March 2019

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