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“Product ordering replaces an old integration that CropWalker had with the agronomy companies’ internal ERP and stock systems,” explains Julian Knight, Product Owner at Muddy Boots. “So once an agronomist has created a plan in Greenlight Grower Management and published it, they can go on the newly created ‘order tab’ in the software and create a product order based entirely on the specific details entered into that plan. From this point the agronomist can specify a delivery address for the order and choose a preferred time for the delivery.”

One of the really clever aspects of this feature is the fact that quantities and pricing will be automatically pre-populated with the best pack size choice for that specific order, based on the price plan for that specific farmer.

“Everything is completely amendable, so everything can be manually changed if need be,” Knight adds, “Products can also be added if the farmer requires a sundry order as well. The agronomist can then check the order, it will give a cost for the application and if he’s happy, he can confirm it. The order will then go directly to the supplying company’s system.”

“Once the supplier dispatches the order, Greenlight Grower Management will alert the agronomist that the delivery is on its way, so they remain informed of the consignment’s progress and know when it’s on farm.”
Product ordering is just one of the many ways Greenlight Grower Management is helping agronomists streamline their work, save significant time and feel confident that all of their activity on farm is safely and securely held in one pocket sized system. Watch this space for details on Muddy Boots’ future financials release.

Published: 30th January 2017


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