Suppliers who are getting it right can keep their customers happy

Customer demand for the right product, at the right time, in the right packaging and to the right quality specification are high, and can create challenges for fresh produce suppliers.

However some suppliers are meeting the expectations of their customers during even the busiest of times, delivering the sweetest strawberries, the best brussel sprouts and cream of the crop cherries, quickly and in the best condition.

Leveraging the technology of an automated quality management system, suppliers are able to supply their products on time, with plenty of shelf-life and to the quality specifications of their customers.

Here's just a few ways Greenlight Quality Control from Muddy Boots is helping produce suppliers remain cool as a cucumber during peak times.

1. Mobile technology and real-time information from numerous data entry points across the supply chain. Capture quality-related data at every step of the supply chain. Suppliers have real-time visibility into activities across their total supply chain, including the exact status and location of all products, and why. Information is immediately available to the supplier for quick detection, control and prevention of any quality-related problems, even before they happen.

2. Collaboration. Cloud technology in Greenlight QC lets suppliers share information in real-time with their key stakeholders. Faster communications and greater transparency provides end to end collaboration, helping to close gaps for suppliers and their customers and ultimately building stronger business partnerships and improving brand loyalty.

3. Accurate and consistent measurement. Business Intelligent dashboards and automated reports provide suppliers with precise measurements on product quality and business processes. Suppliers can easily identify insights and opportunities for ongoing product and process improvements. Automated reports provide absolute visibility into the performance of not only products but sites, supply partners and people. Suppliers are getting it right, keeping their businesses moving and their customers happy. 

Learn more about our Greenlight Quality Control software here.



Published: 21st November 2017

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