The importance of data and how it can deliver real value to your business.




The Importance of Data

A Q&A with our Solutions Manager, Mark Powell, on the importance of data to our clients.


What is your role within Muddy Boots Software?

My key focus is on how we harvest, store and present data on our software platforms. Putting the clients' user experience is always at the forefront of my agenda. Muddy Boots’ goal is to ensure that clients can pull reports that give them visibility of critical business performance information, in real time, in a secure way.


What are the benefits of this real-time access to data for your clients?

Visibility and simplicity are key. Many of our clients previously recorded their data on paper and stored it in filing cabinets. The task of retrieving and analysing data from previous periods was a time consuming, frustrating and often inaccurate chore. By migrating over to the Muddy Boots platforms, this same data is now available to them at the click of the button. This allows our clients to map trends, understand their suppliers better, reduce pain points along the supply chain and improve their customer relationships. It delivers efficiency, reduces manual errors and allows our clients to focus on their key strengths.





Can you give an example of where access to data has proved to be of significant benefit to a client?

Worldwide Fruit was an early adopter of our platforms. Since we onboarded them in 2015, they have reduced the time to create their supplier profiles from over 50 hours a month to 5 minutes! No that's not a typo - it really does take just 5 minutes, a vast increase in efficiency, transparency and traceability.

In addition to that, they have also been able to achieve a dramatic drop in their rejection rate, taking it from 40% to less than 10%, greatly improving commercial performance. That shift is the direct result of being able to access and analyse their supplier performance and share quality data back with their supply chain.

The bottom line...

Data allows our clients to optimise their businesses to produce the highest quality results. In this industry, quality, reliability and accuracy are the key components to business success. With so many variables at play, data is the only way to have any control over whether you achieve that success or not.This capability is now built into our platform for our customers to experience.

Published: 26th April 2019

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